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    Protein Ice Cream

    August 22, 2019

    Macros for the ice cream: 19p 2c 3f (118kcals)

    For the ice cream, I used a @cuisinartice cream maker (found on amazon). All you have to do is blend the Ingredients together (listed below), then make them according to the ice cream maker instructions. The cuisinart makes a batch (up to 1.5quarts) in 25minutes.
    I got this recipe from @faithandfit so it’s labeled as “Lacey’s protein ice cream”


    (Recipe makes 2 servings)

    • 50grams @pescience select protein flavor of choice  – Code LACEY for discount
    • 2.5cups of @so_delicious cashew milk OR @bluediamondcashew/almond milk (reg. almond milk should work too),
    • 1/2tsp @pamelasproducts “not xanthan not guar” gum (regular xanthan or guar gum will also work here, but the Pamela’s product is great for those with sensitive tummies ) – also found on amazon!
    • that’s it! Just blend and pour into the ice cream maker. Save leftovers in freezer!

    Tag us if you try this recipe!
    – @rebekahclementson , Team Upliftfitnutrition

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