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    Gluten Free Cherry Protein Bread

    July 5, 2019

    Cherry Protein Breadmacros for the loaf: 36p 44c 8f (399kcals) and you just need 5 ingredients to make this!


    Recipe makes 1 mini-loaf 

    Directions :

    1. preheat oven to 350,
    2. mix together the following:
      • 2 egg whites (66grams-ish),
      • 28grams (4tbsp) @anthonysgoodsCoconut flour,
      • 37grams (1scoop) @pamcakespancakes gluten free buttermilk (code UPLIFT saves you 10%) or Quest Protein Powder or PES protein powder (code LACEY for discount)
        • note: macros are based on using the pamcake mix — using a protein powder will make a higher protein/lower carb bread but the same kcals
      • 1 container (150g) of cherry @lightandfit Greek 0% yogurt,
      • 8 cherries, pitted and sliced
    3. once mixed, add batter a greased mini-loaf pan
    4. bake for 30ish minutes until done (check at 25min & assess… mine baked for 30minutes and was done)

    I love to top mine with some cinnamon toffee crunch all american peanut butter or the bowmar nutrition lemon almond butter!


    Tag us if you try!  @upliftfitnutrition #upliftyourlife  @rebekahclementson  @pamcakespancakes 

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